How to find recent research papers

how to find recent research papers

good sources. Keep in mind that numbers themselves are neutral it is your interpretation of those numbers that gives them meaning. 5 Cite the source for your statistics correctly. Scholarly, peer reviewed sources are written by one person with an advanced degree, and then confirmed as true by a group of judges who also have similar graduate-level ere are specific search engines and websites that collect only peer reviewed scholarly writings. Descriptive statistics, as the name suggests, merely describe a group of people or things. And if you find a source that doesnt have any of the features I listed above, you probably shouldnt use. However, once you get a statistic, you need to figure out for yourself what it means. This research skill also helps you develop critical thinking skills, which are very valuable not just in grad school, but also in the workplace and in life.

Tables, charts, and graphs can be especially beneficial if you ultimately will have to give a presentation of your research paper, either to your class or to teachers or professors. 5, background research also can clue you in to words or phrases that are commonly used by academics, researchers, and statisticians examining the same issues you're discussing in your research paper. If the source of the statistics you've found isn't reliable, you can't rely on the statistics themselves either. And how to insert quote on essay if your source has enough signs of validity, your professors probably wont even make you defend it at all. If you find yourself stumbling over them or getting confused as you read, it's likely anyone else will stumble too when reading them for the first time. It seemed like appropriate deference to others who were more experienced to approach them without a well-formed idea. If you're going to introduce several related statistics, it's often better to create a table or chart that your readers can more easily grasp. And you cant find out anything about the author, or figure out if the article has been peer reviewed or edited. The answer is simple: a source is valid if you can make an intelligent argument that the information in the source can be trusted. Do a web search on the author of any article you want to use as a source. 22 23 For example, if you present the statistic that the murder rate in one neighborhood increased by 500 percent, and in the same period high school graduation rates decreased by 300 percent, these numbers are virtually meaningless without context. The source is well-qualified.