Social media positive effects essay

social media positive effects essay

media is our source of information from distant parts of the world. Its an advisable thing that everyone must practice careful usage of social networking sites. Still these social networks are continuing to advance to provide better features for users, and these popular sites will continue to grow in size. For an example, isis produces online materials in different languages and uses recruiters to contact potential recruitees over the internet. Some public schools have created a secure social network for its student to be able to communicate with other students, and to do so in a more safe way (National School Board Association, 2007).

Recognition to the effort extended by social networking sites, because connecting people around the globe has come to reality. When the disastrous Nepal earthquake struck in 2015, aid reached in a matter of hours. Social networking becoming mobile use will increase cell phone use and the problem with that is that cell phones have been found to emit electromagnetic radiation that is absorbed by the brain and body.

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Keeps us Updated, had it not been for the media, we would be living a very sheltered and uninformed life, knowing and believing nothing other than what we could see happening immediately around. It will also affect someones health due to lack of sleep and stress. It can also cause a broken relationships because of lack of time spend together. Body image issues, for instance, are rampant among the young and not-so-young alike. The media helps considerably in shaping the opinions of the people. The media is one of the most powerful institutions of modern society. Today, the reach of the media is undeniable in not jut providing information, but also forming opinions and making judgments regarding practically everything that is happening on planet Earth and even beyond.

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social media positive effects essay