Should cannabis be legalised in australia essay

should cannabis be legalised in australia essay

by a federal agency. Cannabis is can be found by reading Here Are All The People Who Have Died From A Marijuana Overdose, an article published by The Huffington Post. What has happened in places where cannabis is legal? Cannabis Essay.Is it 4:20 somewhere? An investigation by the British Medical Association actually went on to prove that alcohol essay on air pollution 350 words and tobacco are far more addictive than marijuana. This is significantly higher than the status quo at around A295 million (for example from fines generating revenue, as well as perceived benefits of criminalisation deterring use). Decriminalisation may reduce the burden on the justice system, but probably not as much as full legalisation because police and court resources would still be used for cautioning, issuing fines, or diversion to education or treatment. Studies also show the marijuana when used under a supervised routine of medical care can be used to reduce stress, as well as relieving and reducing nausea from cancer patients who participate in chemotherapy.

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Although cannabis usually comes before other illegal drug use, the majority of people who use cannabis do not go on to use other drugs. Based on two major factors, health and economy. That means its illegal, but not a criminal offence. It will allow the government to fight other drug related crimes that are more important and a risk to the society such as heroin and cocaine dealers, fraud and murderers. "What I suspect is, people who are going to develop full-blown schizophrenia must feel bad beforehand he says. Medicinal marijuana has less than five serious side effects compared to narcotics with pages full of side effects. The gateway drug hypothesis was discounted decades ago. Cannabis is a valued plant and is expensive since growing the plant takes time and organic fertilizer must be used. Earls and Robert studied marihuana and came with while opium kills ambition and deadens initiatives, marihuana incites to immorality and crime (Earls and Robert Rowell, 2003). It is clear that marijuana should be legalized on both these civic and.

Should, cannabis, be, legalised, in, australia?
Should, cannabis, be, legalised in the Uk?
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Should, cannabis, be, legalised?