Essay about indian weddings

essay about indian weddings

want to taste the magnificent spread of food and we want to understand just how a wedding. He chanted Vedic mantras. Indian wedding is about the association of family members follow the traditions, functions, customs while traditional American Wedding is about Bridal shower, Bridal Party, The veil, kissing the bride, the groom's cake and the honeymoon. Gradually many of the customs of marriage are being adopted by Muslims too. The Maharaj (priest) conducts the ceremony by chanting Mantras (bridal altar). Both the bride and groom send out wedding invitation cards with all lists of three days program and timings to their respective guests separately.

Advertisements: The marriage party comprising 250 persons arrived at our house.00.M. The ceremony is performed in Sanskrit, the most ancient surviving language.

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I wasnt sure if photography was appropriate during the research paper on decision making models pujas, but once I saw everyone had their smartphones and cameras out eager not to miss a moment I quickly joined. An Indian marriage is performed with great fanfare. The shaking of the shoulders, the winding of the hips, the flicking of the wrists, I just couldnt keep up! Also, my presence seemed to add another level of entertainment to the day as I was totally unaware about the culture. I was thinking about my wedding ceremony, everybody in my town knew that there was a marriage ceremony going.

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