Funeral blues poem essay

funeral blues poem essay

a conventional elegy: Auden may simply be mourning the end of a relationship, not death" (Kushner 148). The diction of this poem is Modern English with many allusions. He is obviously upset about the one that he has lost and is in mourning.

funeral blues poem essay

He wants the life of dissertation font his lover to be known as if he was a big and important man. Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun, Pour away the ocean and sweep up the woods;. She talks about the aeroplanes scribbling sky messages, it is very doubtful that someone that is not in the limelight is going to have sky messages at their funeral that rarely happens at a celebrity funeral, let alone at a funeral of someone who. The speaker expresses his feelings of grief: "Stop all the clocks, cut off the telephone. Look, Stranger!, which Auden hated). Later works consisted of professing Christianity, and what he considered increasing conservatism. What seems unbearable to him is the thought that this mans passing from life to death will be unmarked by anyone other than the poet. According to The Longman Writer by Judith Nadell, Linda McMeniman, and John Langan, conflict is "a struggle between individuals, between an individual and some social or environmental force, or within an individual" (614). At the end of this poem, Audin personifies the sun, moon, ocean, and woods; he does not see any point in there beauty. In the third stanza the speaker starts to think back about how much the man who died meant to him.

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