Why duke pratt essay

why duke pratt essay

is required for Engineering applicants. Be concise, be specific, and be sure that your arguments cant apply equally well to another program. Why was it hard? Sign up below and well let you know when our Essay Breakdowns for the cycle are out. What gives you that potential for A at Duke? Some disruption of status quo, otherwise, itll fall completely flat.

If youd like to share a perspective you bring or experiences youve had to help us understand you betterperhaps related to a community you belong to, your sexual orientation or gender identity, or your family or cultural backgroundwe encourage you to. It has to be specific to that exact school, in a way that applies to you. It can be as simple as a family squabble. I just awoke from an eight-month coma. What makes you you? This is easier said than done because truth be told, most schools are pretty damn similar. The first para should have an introduction about yourself and why you are interested. This is a fairly standard college application essay question. There must be some kind of ripple effect, or impact, that presented a challenge.

Duke, pratt, engineering, essay : Why biomedical engineering at, duke?

why duke pratt essay