Tao of pooh essay

tao of pooh essay

his experiences. One of the most important principles of Taoism is "the Uncarved Block". When we look at the things we have we feel gratitude and this enables us to be happy. Each individual chapter of the book is used to teach a new principle of the Uncarved Block of Taoism. Many people wonder how somebody can be happy by doing nothing, and the answer is simple. This is the key theme of the book and one of the keys to both Taoism and Pooh's happiness. Overall the book is very simple and very easy to understand and again I belief that Hoff successfully accomplished his main purposes for writing such a book, however I feel that this text also has many flaws and because of this it should be taken. Taoists just keep it simple by not spending their entire life searching for unanswered questions, and just find peace with being content in their lives. This principle applies not only to things, but to people as well. The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff for Christmas, I suspect because she thought my mentality was suited to the cuddly toy of the title.

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Poohs attitude and simple approach concerning life exemplifies the Taoist lifestyle. One of the basic principles of Taoism is P'U, the Uncarved Block. m, ml (accessed October 12, 2018). In the novel "The Tao of Pooh" by Benjamin Hoff the reader learns the teachings of the Tao through a character that everyone knows, Winnie the Pooh. There is a long way to go yet, and I cannot see the NHS, general practice, or myself ever becoming wholly Taoist in approach. I dutifully added it to my collection of books to read while on holiday, intending to have a complete break from books and journals about medicine. Although it takes years to master and understand the Tao, Benjamin Hoff makes it easy of how to live by the Tao by simply acting like Pooh. He knows people to be nice and kind because that has been his experience with them. Owl george e polhemus jr master's thesis columbia university had education that he has gleaned from books and reading and consequently he thinks that he knows more than Pooh. However, when I settled down to read it, on a sunny beach far from my consulting room, I was struck by its relevance to my work, and. The importance of empirical knowledge versus book smarts is one of the major themes of the book.

Each chapter begins with Winnie the Pooh being told a story and being given an explanation of how it relates back to Taoism. "Tao of Pooh Critical Analysis.". In Hoff's descriptions of ilne's characters I could see myself striving to be like the learned Owl, whilst actually being a mixture of the busybody Rabbit and the pessimistic Eeyore. He aimed to teach the ways and beliefs of Taoism and he wanted to teach in such a way that would be easy for everyone to understand and relate to and this goal is why he ultimately choose to use Winnie the Pooh. Above all, I keep things simple so as not to lose the. Winnie the Pooh books to illustrate and explain the basics of Taoist philosophy, showing how Pooh himself is the epitome of the Taoist thinker, enjoying life with simplicity but not stupidity.

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