Food in pakistan essay css

food in pakistan essay css

the country. The agriculture sector is heavily dependent on canal irrigation in Pakistan. Part-I is attempted on a separate sheet which collected back after 30 minutes. Islamic History Culture 100. Persistent food insecurity may cause conflicts, civil wars and can threaten the overall peace of community, society, nation or world depending on the extent and spectrum of hunger and poverty. Despite the country entering 70th year of its independence, the democratic system is still unable to take strong roots in the country. Such inequality in land holding and income is reducing the purchasing power of the people. The fact that political environment is rife with corrupt politicians is further aggravated by the absence of a strong and ruthless accountability culture in the country.

Land related problems, water mismanagement, use of low quality seed are playing havoc with our precious sector of agriculture and causing food crisis. It has always been at the forefront to reinforce the undemocratic elements in Pakistan, causing great damage to the development of democracy in the country.

food in pakistan essay css

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This tradition of military coups gives courage to the military to destabilize the democratic set-up in the country. Government, instead of supplying free food grains, keeps on raising food prices irrespective of the plight of the poor masses. Initiation of development projects in poverty-stricken areas. Incidence Of Food Poverty, income Inequality, inequity Of Food Distribution. Lack of professional integrity in the military. Rural infrastructure and human resources development are necessary for public goods and ensuring food security. This adds to illiteracy. Computer Science 200. All the discussion drives us to the conclusion that despite the lapse of seven decades, the democratic system has failed to take strong roots in the country. Briefly speaking, weak and ineffective parliament coupled with mingling of religion and politics is a great hurdle to the growth of democratic system in this country.