Essay on is regionalism good for democracy

essay on is regionalism good for democracy

government founded on the principle of consent. The law makers are the law breakers. It raises the common man high on the pedestal of social and political glory and this is the meaning of a government for the people. The ruling authorities owe their success in the elections to the citizens of the nation. Here liberty and equality have a reference to the well-known dictum of Kant: So act as to treat humanity whether in your person or in that of another, in every case as an end, and never merely as a means. Where a common man is not as good a factor of society as another, true citizenship cannot be secured and a democratic government cannot succeed in such an undemocratic society. UGC NET Education Paper. Democracy is, therefore, difficult to define and Freeman correctly says that it is commonly very hard to make out what modem writers mean by democracy. The brotherhood of man is the basis of a democratic society and all its members stand equal in the common fraternity. Accountability was built into the system a member of the panchayat could be disqualified on account of moral turpitude or financial mismanagement.

Reasonable members of a majority will insist on justice and fair play as reasonable members of a minority will insist on submission and obedience, for todays minority may become tomorrows majority. It is, indeed, rare for a majority to impose its will harshly on minorities. And Twitter, Facebook, and esl book review editor site for school cheap bibliography writer websites for college other social media did. When socialism is fully established, the State withers away and gives place to a Communist society.

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Dewey has aptly said that to say that democracy is only a form of government is like saying that home is a more or less geometrical arrangement of bricks and mortar, or that church-is a building with pews, pulpit and spire. Aristotle, democracy is a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives. Monarchies and Aristocracies are governments of the people but not by the people. He adds, This means in communities which act by voting, that rule belongs to the majority, as no other method has been found for determining peaceably and legally what is to be declared the will of the community which is not unanimous. A government by the people must, accordingly, mean a government by discussion and criticismdiscussion of competing ideas, leading to a compromise in which all the ideas are reconciled and which can be accepted by all because it bears the imprint of all. And European Cultural Funding By William Osborne (Originally published on ArtsJournal essay on is regionalism good for democracy.

UGC NET Education Paper. Relationship of essay on is regionalism good for democracy Education Popular personal statement writer website for phd and Philosophy. Democracy essays Democracy is almost everywhere in the world. Europe has used its form of government for almost half a century.