Essay on automated teller machine

essay on automated teller machine

Banks may ensure the quality of the notes fed in ATMs. 4 Communication Interfaces. But this is not the case today since in ATM internetworking, in which case cells travel through different ATM networks, it becomes very easy for two switches to compromise. 3 Software Interfaces The ATM network has to provide software interfaces to: the software used by di erent banks di erent network software The exact, detailed speci cation of the software interfaces is not part of this document.

Various steps were also taken to phase out.5/- notes and replacing with coins for many such low denominations Source:RBI Docs, Currency Management, Section viii,. (C) Measures for strengthening security systems and procedures (xii) RBI may explore enlisting the services of a specialized and dedicated force / other approved agencies to provide security at chests and for movement of treasure. Banks may switch over to the cassette swap system for feeding the ATMs. (B) Measures relating to cash holding and distribution (vii) RBI may stipulate suitable cash holding limits for all currency chests beyond which the cash should necessarily be moved to a chest with larger limits or to RBI. The ATMs have a two fold advantage.

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Check if the cash card was issued by the bank. Now we do not need to remain in the long queue for money withdrawal. It will be valid. Banks find it cheaper to pay membership fees to these networks as against setting up additional units in expensive-to-deploy areas. Functional requirement 2 Description Input If it is not a valid bank code, the bank computer will send a message to the ATM. Transaction a single integral request for operations on the accounts of a single customer. Throughout this document the following abbreviations are used: k is the maximum withdrawal per day and account m is the maximum withdrawal per transaction n is the minimum cash in the ATM to permit a transaction t is the total fund in the ATM. The subject was able to look a mirror and see what the camera was seeing before the picture was taken. Luther Simjian is best known for his invention of the Bankmatic automatic teller machine or ATM, however, Luther Simjians first big commercial invention was a self-posing and self-focusing portrait camera.

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