What are implications in a research paper

what are implications in a research paper

of transit use also was not convincing. It seems, perhaps, maybe or it could be, possibly / possible, it is likely / unlikely, etc.). Developing Outstanding Research Topics, how to Write an abstarct, how to Write a Project Proposal. Ensure that such speculations are contained within the boundaries of the arguments and discussions developed in the body of your thesis. Take a break after you finish writing the dissertation. Determining the practical implications of a range of options can help decide which ones produce the desired results, For instance, studying the implications of sport-to-health activities reveals that these are more effective in the spreading of HIV/AID awareness than teaching the same in the classroom. It is your dissertations most important section.

You want it to confirm their positive appraisal of your dissertation. Practical implication is the reality that would occur if certain conditions are fulfilled. Teachers, in turn, will use this information to modify instruction for the class and for individuals on the basis of their understanding and thinking patterns. They also expressed a need to use a car for short or spur-of-the-moment trips or to carry heavy things. The focus was primarily on understanding factors that affect the choice of residential neighborhood, but also on factors asso- ciated with greater use of walking and transit. This was the most important perceived barrier to such a move, over others that included having to get by with fewer cars, having less living space, or losing touch with current friends. While a number of factors were shown to be related to a desire or willingness to move to a CN, it is clear that many other factors unmeasured in this research model will be relevant, and additional research will be needed to identify these.

Res earch implications suggest how the findings may be important for policy.
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