Girls are smarter than boys essay

girls are smarter than boys essay

specific goals and implementation objectives for management of the Sudbury watershed lands during the period covered by the. This is a consequence of modernity. The study adds that the reason for the difference in their intelligence is not social but biological, noting that this could be the reason why girls now do better at school than boys. So, in certain situations, you may see women displaying very high intelligence more than men and vice versa. Women, on the other hand, have fought for their rights to get equal education opportunities, and are using their every chance now. This debate is now closed. Why girls are better than boys? Tell her shes beautiful. It is more likely that females are more achievement-driven and career-focused as a result of social changes that have taken place in the 20 th century (e.

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As a result, they outperform girls at visual-spatial tasks and learn more easily through movement and visual experience. But they also lag behind boys on important domains. Being hard working is just something most females are. While girls and boys perform at equal levels in both mathematics and reading scores between kindergarten and Grade 2, boys score slightly better in mathematics and worse in reading starting in Grade. Behind the averages is a more complex story. Paul Irving and. The story takes place in the 1940s when women have not gained so much equal rights as today, and they are still perceived as attached to males. For example, my mom has always been the one to scold me for having an unorganized room, not my father. In fact, psychologists even have a problem with the universal definition of intelligence because there were many perspectives to it, but the consensus is that intelligence is peoples ability to solve a specific problem in a specific situation, and IQ is measured by mental age.

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