Working paper

working paper

and Alan J Salzberg The American Statistician, Vol. 112 Uncertainty, financial frictions, and nominal rigidities: a quantitative investigation (Ambrogio CesaBianchi and Emilio FernandezCorugedo Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 125, Issue 585 Reputation, risk-taking and macroprudential policy (D Aikman, B Nelson and M Tanaka) Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. 2 Identifying historical episodes for CCP stress testing (D Murphy and D Macdonald) Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures, Vol. 149 Evaluating the robustness of UK term structure decompositions using linear regression methods (S Malik and A Meldrum) Journal of Banking and Finance, Vol. You can sign up to receive the. 67 Integrating macro-prudential policy: central banks as the third force in EU financial reform (S McPhilemy) West European Politics, Vol. Tailwinds from the East: how has the rising share of imports from emerging markets affected import prices? The consumption response to positive and negative income shocks (Philip Bunn, Jeanne Le Roux, Kate Reinold and Paolo Surico Journal of Monetary Economics, Vol. 51 Optimal tolerance for failure (C Siegert and P Trepper) Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, Vol.

working paper

Improving Our planet, see our progress, who We Are. 2069 Labour market adjustment in Europe during the crisis: microeconomic evidence from the Wage Dynamics Network survey (Mario Izquierdo, Juan Francisco Jimeno, Theodora Kosma, Ana Lamo, Stephen Millard, Tairi Rm, Eliana Viviano  ECB Occasional Paper Series. Pinchbeck and James Wyatt The Economic Journal, Vol. Would you like to give more detail? 13, Supplement 1 Least squares estimation of large dimensional threshold factor models (Daniele Massacci  Journal of Econometrics, Vol. The time value of housing: historical evidence on discount rates (Philippe Bracke, Edward. Nber Digest by email.

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