Photo essay afganistan muslim

photo essay afganistan muslim

favor. Whats more, if the Democratic establishment reacts to this as its done to Trumps other policy proposals, and opposes these reforms solely because Trump supports them, the blowback from Democratic voters could split the party right down the middle, plunging it into internal conflicts that. Trumps recent, highly publicized intervention in the case of a woman serving a life term for a nonviolent drug crime could well be a straw in the wind; the twelfth house rules prisons, among other things, and the Suns presence in that house suggests that. For that even to be an option, the Sun would have to be afflicted by a strongly placed malefic planet ruling the twelfth house cusp, and Trumps natal chart would have to show certain distinctive signs it doesnt have.). The major shift in Congress is the one detail that isnt yet clear, though I have a clearer sensewhich Ill discuss belowabout what that might have been predicting.

photo essay afganistan muslim

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photo essay afganistan muslim

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By all indications in this chart, the opposition to Trump generally wont accomplish much in the three months ahead. . A vast number of Americans these days, courtesy of the much-lauded global economy that Trump is busy dismantling, are trapped in permanent part time jobs at starvation wages if they can get jobs at all, which many cant. As an indicator of trade wars with other nations, it opposes Venus in the second, which suggests disturbances in the production and availability of consumer goods in the US as a result of competitive tariffs. Its a thumping logical fallacy to insist that an effect cant happen just because the cause isnt known. Trumps opponents will by and large devote their time to preaching to an assortment of Democratic choirs, Congress and several federal bureaucracies will pound their collective chests at each other like a couple of quarreling silverback gorillas, and the rest of the country will swelter. First, states rights are an easy way for Trump to appeal to his base; second, pushing for de facto legalization would appeal to a great many voters who usually side with the Democrats; third, following up a change in the marijuana laws with commuted sentences. Whats more, hes one point of the grand trine that joins him in mutual support with Neptune and Mercury, and also one point of a T-square that locks him in conflict with Venus and Mars. Congress is indicated by the eleventh house, which has Aries on its cusp and Uranus placed in it, both carried over from the Aries ingress. Since Uranus in the eleventh rules the ninth house of the judicial branch, Id expect at least some of those confrontations to end up in the courts, or to make Congress turn to its rarely used power to levy contempt charges and other quasijudicial penalties.

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