Middle ages essay

middle ages essay

of gunpowder in war, which helped the French win the Hundred Years War, and helped all Westerners when they were colonizing other lands, like the Americas. Why are these sources reliable? The proclamation made by Henry II (1215 known as the Magna Carta, contributed towards the improvement of government. The invention of the heavy plow, horseshoes and harnesses for work horses, and the use of a three field rotation system all helped make the farmer s job easier and more efficient. The architecture of the Middle Ages can be broken into two main categories. Around the year 1050, Viking invasions stopped and Europe had a chance to flourish in the peace.

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The Magna Carta established the first ideas of democracy, and eliminated full power and control to one person. And that included years of hard work, and money. Another important invention was the printing press, which helped to make books more accurate, cheaper, and made it easier to spread ideas to large groups of people. Despite the reputation for being a time when there were no moves forward in Europe, got milk campaign essays there were actually many important achievements. Pay attention to who the authors of each document are. From a Barons point of view, feudalism consisted of being responsible for your serfs, maintaining and distributing what the serfs produced.

middle ages essay