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writer s desk

get over writers block, sometimes you just have to write something you want to write. Start in the Middle You know you need to draw a reader into your post with a fantastic introduction. Convert any unit of measurement to any other unit United States Patent Office. Help him with whatever he is struggling with.

A list of sources of information The Writers' Page. Submit your short story to one of the world's most popular fiction magazines Writing for Business and Pleasure. This is a great webpage link checker from 2 Bone Literary Agents.

This site is devoted to the origins of words and phrases, or as a linguist would put it, to etymology. This is gives you the html codes for screen colors html Index. Poems by the great poet.

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Sell your textbooks or buy used textbooks. Dont just read the latest books of thought leaders in your niche. Interact and ask some questions. This is a list of the 10 most famous poetry lines Names for groups. Open searches look through the vast amounts of publicly-accessible material on the web, using free search engines and subject directories. American Film Institute the 100 best lists; 100 Best Songs, 100 Best Heroes Villains, 100 Best Passions, 100 Best Thrills, 100 Best Laughs, 100 Best Stars and 100 Best Movies CIA World Fact Book. Cyndi's List of Kings and Royalty Science Made Stupid. Click Hannibal's Elephant Girl, a novel by Charley Brindley to see more about good things to include in a research paper the book Do you need a good laugh?

Extensive data for each state and city from Local Census 2000.S. Names for your characters or your pets Name Generator. Math and Reading Help. A directory of literary agents - Worldwide Writing for Business and Pleasure.