Essays on higher education diversity statistics

essays on higher education diversity statistics

citations in several journals as well as chapters in books that relate to the cultural diversity for deaf education (Author Detail). In recognising the value of these differences you understand that such differences are necessary. Ila Parasnis has not only published and presented her works at different conferences but she has also edited several books on cultural identity and diversity in Deaf Education. A Diversity plan should also address improvement in employment conditions, compensation and benefits, training and educational opportunities, promotions, transfers, terminations and all other aspects of employment. The reasons that it is important to understand how to interact with others in todays diverse society include that: the competitive markets in which Australia trades are now very different from the reliance we had in the past on trade with the United Kingdom and. As an educational worker and as a member of a diverse community you have a responsibility to behave in a way that shows respect for other peoples cultural practices and beliefs. Accessed ; Available from: p?vref1.

Whenever we begin to discuss the differences between cultural groups, there is a danger that we start to assume that all people within a particular group are the same. Men, women, young people, old people, sick people or children are treated differently within different cultural groups. Such programs which have been implemented in some schools have shown that where children are not made to renounce their culture, their academic performance improves dramatically (Bowman, 1994). By being aware you will be able to identify the diverse skills and knowledge of others.

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It is likely that workforces will also have some important cultural differences between the employees that can make a difference to how employees get along with each other and work together. From every circumstance, students bring a varying set of values, perspectives, and beliefs to the learning environment. One way is to bring in teachers of diverse backgrounds in their schools; teachers who will be better placed to understand the needs of the students based on their different cultural experiences. Its all up to you and what you make of the education or success you wish to follow. This will make it both relevant to the needs of students from diverse backgrounds and sensitive to the issues of social justice. That a Workplace Diversity officer is appointed.

essays on higher education diversity statistics

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