Rural employment in india essay

rural employment in india essay

the production in cottage industry has fallen drastically and this has left several artisans unemployed. There are a number of factors that lead to unemployment. Have centers for entrepreneurship development or institutes of entrepreneurship development at state level. The entrepreneurship concept is as old as the existence of human being. There are a number of factors that lead. It is not to deny the research efforts in basic sciences but applied aspects are more pragmatic and practical in present scenario. Rural development programmes demand the active participation of the ruralites.

The concept of rural development is quite comprehensive and extensive. Scientists should develop adaptable technological packages. Thus unemployment and underemployment both are in existence. Overseas Companies, the government must encourage foreign companies to open their units in the country to generate more employment opportunities. Warning that there was no time to relax, the report says if agriculture was neglected, the country could revert back to the times of ship to mouth existence, depending on imports to meet food requirements.

rural employment in india essay

The ruralite s through the provision of health and medical facilities, employment opportunities.
Free Sample essay on Rural Employment Schemes of India.
India has the largest number of unemployed persons in the rural area in the world.

One of the major hindrances in the growth of any country is unemployment. It is important to have a conclusion or summary for an essay. In government as well as private sector, unqualified candidates are chosen by giving bribe to officials. Putting into simple words, unemployment can be defined as the lack of job opportunities for the people who are actively looking for the job to earn them living. Employees are also forced to work for more than the set number of hours each day.

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