Refugees and immigrants essay

refugees and immigrants essay

would be much better. In Africa failed states like Somali have contributed to many refugees moving into neighboring Kenya to escape the al introduction to a personal narrative essay shabaab terrorists who are running large swathes of their country. However for others it is true that the immigrants take up then scarce jobs available and therefore are seen as competitors and a threat to the social fabric. This has become a big issue in Europe that to a large extent led to the British exiting from the European Union otherwise known as Brexit. Today the same countries that suffered from the brain drain are now prospering from the money that the immigrants send back home. This is an innate reaction found in man; if you cannot fight you will naturally flee. In the meantime we should be more tolerant of each other and remember that less than 200 years ago the tide was going in a different direction, south and this can happen again, what with climate change! . As long as there is unequal distribution of resources in the world then man will move in search of better lives like he has done since time immemorial.

1305 Words 6 Pages, the United States of America has always been a refuge where poor and oppressed people from the far corners of the world can come to begin a new life. Alliances are formed with others in similar circumstances, where commiseration often leads to a rising sense of resentment. There is another volatile factor that the country has to face and that is terrorism. The other side of the coin is that for the immigrants home country, a void is left behind especially for the trained, experienced and skilled manpower. Governments are also not keen to extend their social welfare benefits to the new immigrants. Travelling from one country to other for trading had been popular since historic times. For the Middle long beach city college essay assessment East, the civil war in Syria and the rise of isis terrorist group has led to an unprecedented flow of people to Europe. Enter India in bulk. It is equally true that the contact through trade like the famous Silk Road with Asia also contributed to cultures meeting, familiarizing and eventually living together albeit uneasily and not always on equal footing as the stronger cultures superseded the weaker ones. As the Europeans moved they took with them their cultures and religions which in most cases were forcibly introduced to the natives of the new lands. As the local natives took up these new traits, assimilation became a fact of life and the reason that it is possible today for immigrants from the south to easily immigrate and settle in the north.

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