Essay in nursing education system

essay in nursing education system

system. The affordable care of 2010 has required the need for nurses to expand their role of practice to meet complicated patient demands. 20 For example, if it is said to a student who understood hypertension and its control about the hypovolemic shock, which is caused by hypothyroidism and reduction of circulating blood volume, he/she could come to the result that it will lead to problems such. Therefore, it should be treated vigorously with the person who broke the law. 5, in summary, Thorndike stated that in a learning or problem-solving situation, the learner answers repeatedly up to an appropriate position for one of the responses (or to solve the problem). Ganieh described the memory process. Therefore, due to this fact that the perception phenomena have the overall aspect, learning should be studied due to this holistic. Therefore, learning will be to answer in the presence of conditioned stimuli. Teachers can teach each procedure by giving information or clues to the student before starting the procedures. Nursing staff retention, the nursing shortage is a worldwide problem. Nursing deficiency is not only viewed as workforce issue, but also as an issue of eminence care. This leads to a conclusion that, government should not be trusted.

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Technological changes, complicated client needs, short hospital length of stay, and departure from acute care to community based care, all these changes have underscore the need for professional nurses to think critically in order to provide safe and effective client care. 14, among the applications of this approach is the influence on the learner's emotional reactions. Suggested teaching method of Ausubel is expository (demo which makes learning meaningful. Their learning only engages the mind and is not related to the person feeling and is not devised. The students are asked to express the relationship chain that causes this problem. Voluntary and Mandatory participation, the issue of the mandatory continuing education in the profession of nursing is a contentious one. 13, in other words, they believe that the learners with behavioral reinforcement, which results are positive should be conditional for good performance. For example, if a session is connected about the structure and function of the respiratory tract disorders such as bronchitis and the activities of daily life, the students can understand the anatomy and physiology, the disease state (bronchitis and its effect on the patient. In summary, humanism is a perspective in psychology (and the psychology of learning) that insists upon totality of human existence as a free person who tries to maximize its capabilities. Engagement and Relevance, nurses indicate that they were worked in the clinical setting, if they found the topics relevant and interesting to their work, they need and want to attend to continuing education program.