Thesis electronic banking

thesis electronic banking

: It is easy for customers to pay their bills such as phcn bills (Power holding company of Nigeria) Payment for dstv card when it as expire. Banks should, therefore, institute adequate risk control premarital sex essay measures to manage such risks. The term electronic banking can be described in many ways. The terms and conditions governing the relationship should not be allowed to be leaked to a third party, particularly by the banker. POS Terminal allows owners of card to have a real-time online access to funds and information in his or her bank account through the use of debit or cash cards. Moreover, the product may run on computer systems of various types ranging from PCs, open systems, to proprietary main frames. (ii) Debit card: When compare with credit cards is an instrument which enables an immediate charge or debt into cardholders account on the sales of goods and services made to him or her in other words the holder is using the balance standing. Point OF sale terminal (POS a Point of Sales (POS) Terminal are machines that are used to accept cards for payment of goods and services. However, in view of the fact that most countries are still in the magnetic stripe conversion process, banks may deploy hybrid (both chip and magnetic stripe) card readers to enable the international cards that are still primarily magnetic stripe to be used on the ATMs. (6) Customer account could be accessed almost anywhere in the world (c) To the economy (1) Creation of jobs (2) Improvement in commerce (3) Development in technology (4) Data bank for National planning challenges OF E-banking IN nigeria Some of the problems facing electronic banking. Definition OF electronic banking, the term electronic banking means all day access to cash through an Automated teller machine or direct deposit of pay checks into checking or savings account.

(d) Banks should protect the privacy of the customers data by ensuring: (1) That customers personal data are used for the purpose for which they are compiled. Where banks use third parties or outsource technology, banks are required to comply with the CBN guidelines. Sahereh et al, (2013) identified ten (10) factors influencing satisfaction as follows: (1) Properly behaviour with friendly: Being polite and friendly to customers will definitely generate more customers and will make customer relationship with bank strong. (n) At the minimum, a telephone line should be dedicated for fault reporting, and such a number shall be made known to users to report any incident at the ATM.

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(h) Banks should ensure that summary-level reports showing web-site usage, transaction volume, system problem logs, and transaction exception reports are made available to the bank by the Web administrator. Credit limit is fixed by the issuing banks based on the financial history of the user. Interest rates) (c) Web site information and links to other Web sites should be verified for accuracy and functionality. To banks; (1) Improve customer service: Electronic banking allow banks to provide new, faster and better service to its customers, thereby, bringing up the banks to international standards and enhancing competition among other banks. In the process competition among themselves, the adoption of electronic banking was put in place in order to maintain a good competitive position. Previous studies (Schultz and Good, 2000; Churchill and Surprenant, 1982; and Patterson, (1993) they agreed that the service performance has direct impact on customer satisfaction. Bank customer relationship Bank customer relationship, is a special contract where a person entrusts valuable items (the customer) with another person (the bank) with the intention that such items shall be retrieved on demand from the keeper by the person who so entrust. This result to liquidation of weak banks in Nigeria that could not find merger partners.

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