William smyth essay

william smyth essay

Reform in Post-Famine Ireland, In: Crowley,., Smyth,. (1977) Community Development, Hindsights and Analysis, Dal gCais, 2, 33-45.

At the Anvil: Essays in Honour of William

william smyth essay

Map-Making, Landscapes and Memory

william smyth essay

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(2002) Marcus Bourke - A Biographical Sketch, Tipperary Historical Journal, 3-6. (1986) Ag Socr Sos i RĂ¡th Cairn, the cherry orchard essay In: Conghaile,. He is currently co-editing the major study. At the Anvil: Essays in Honour of William. A Pilot Study of Regional and Community Development in the Mid-West. Under the supervision of Professor Tom Jones Hughes, he completed his PhD thesis in University College Dublin in 1975, entitled. (1992) Society and Settlement in the Valley of Glenasmole, County Dublin.1750-1900, In: Aalen,. (2005) Local History or Local Studies, In: Bent,. The series provides a fundamental starting point from which to explore the history and geography of Ireland, from prehistory to the present. (1986) Introduction, In: Nolan,.