An essay on the construction of flutes

an essay on the construction of flutes

was so extremely difficult to work that he would not make how do you write a history book review flutes. Boehm's instrument was a dramatic improvement, however, and overcame these shortcomings. In the 200.D, there were scarce developments in this era. Boehm's work on the flute, and for doing this he gave me the original manuscript in his own hand writing.

It is interesting to note that the flute seemed to have faded with the collapse of Rome and only began reappearing in the 10th and 11th centuries. Miller explains, elaborates, and adds to, all sections of the original work. Theobald Boehm, a musician and a German flute maker, came up with the first cylindrical metal flute in 1832 (Baines, 56). If the distal end of the tube is closed, the length is successfully almost doubled, and the pitch created is almost an octave lower (Baines, 47). The flutes earliest probable history goes back to around 900.C. Finally, the foot joint which was conical with the bore became bigger at the bottom end.

an essay on the construction of flutes

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