Oedipus rex blindness essays

oedipus rex blindness essays

implemented into the play with Oedipus sight and Tiresias blindness. Teiresias represents the contrary to intellectual blindness. This reaction is a prime example of human emotion. Show more content, it is ironic that the one individual, who comes to help the city, is the individual that has been the cause of the curse. Jocasta is first to discover the truth that laid in Laius and Oedipus prophecy and attempts to dissuade him from further enquiry (Ferguson 191). One character that suffers from intellectual blindness is Oedipus mother Jokaste.

oedipus rex blindness essays

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The drama is centralized around the protagonist character, Oedipus, who receives the title of tragic figure due to the horrendous fate foreseen to him by an oracle. In studying Oedipus Rex insights can be gathered and deduced on the significance of sight and blindness, which are predominately used throughout the Greek tragedy. In name he is a stranger among citizens but soon research papers software quality he will be shown to be a citizen true native Theban, and he? Thebes no longer had to endure the fear of the Sphinx, and Oedipus was declared its new ruler. His misfortunes embody all mans faults, short-comings and tragic endings. The riddle and the answer hold truth in Oedipus fate when he was an infant, he crawled, as an adult walked upright, not aged, but blind, Oedipus will carry a staff and move on three' (Smith 93). Oedipus proves to be a representation of man that is not all knowing and short-sighted in many ways. Through the course of the play Oedipus is the detective, the judge, and the jury. But one thing to be said about knowledge in the case of Teiresias is that it is difficult to possess, because Ignorance is bliss.

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