Franco's rise to power essay

franco's rise to power essay

with the Red Biennium, which reformed Catholicism in Spain, the military, and gave autonomy to Catolina. There is also a school of thought led by the historian revelyan that says Mussolini managed to gain control of Italy due to the aftermath of the First World War and the situation caused by the war in Italy. This nationalist force was headed by a prominent military leader, General Francisco Franco. The rest of the paper is available free of charge to our registered users. All of these factors contributed to Mussolini and the fascists rise to power. Civil unrest broke css essay writing preparation out. In 1931, Spain's leader, Alfonso, called for elections throughout the country.

This meant that the lower classes did not want to show support for the new state as it did not work in their interests. As economic conditions worsened in Italy, Mussolinis popularity rapidly. The Biennio Rosso was a vital factor that contributed. Mussolinis rise to power were the impact of the First World War, the weaknesses of the Risorgimento, the Biennio Rosso, the elites support for the Fascist Party, and the March on Rome. Eventually, there was so much political turmoil and opposition, that Spaniards stationed in Morocco declared civil war on the Republic. Because he did not get any help from other democratic governments, Franco got some help from Soviet Russia and also importance of social media in today's society essay from a large number of foreign volunteers. Franco s father was eccentric, wasteful and somewhat dissolute (Trythall, pg 1). In September, Italy signed an armistice with the Allies, and Mussolini was arrested and held in a remote hotel in the Apennines.