Thesis on diluted magnetic semiconductors

thesis on diluted magnetic semiconductors

observed thin film magnetisation is a result of non-equilibrium or impurity phases and lattice strains. Dilute magnetic semiconductor Half-metal Transition metal doping Phosphorene. Attributed to an intrinsic angular momentum of the electron, its spin.

Diluted magnetic semiconductors : Nature Materials Diluted magnetic semiconductors and oxides are interesting for fundamental science and applications.
Thesis The intensive research of dilute magnetic semiconductors (DMS) was initiated This thesis presents an experimental study.
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Following this, an essay on the relationship between man and nature essay properties of the parasitic phase ZnMnO3. Lett., 81 (2002. They are of interest because of their unique spintronics properties with possible technological applications. Single-chip computers for embedded applications: cell phones, intelligent appliances, security 6, more general: Spintronics, idea: Employ electron spin in electronic devices Giant magnetoresistance effect: Spin transistor (spin-orbit coupling) Datta Das, APL 56, 665 (1990) Review on spintronics: uti., RMP 76, 323 (2004). Martnez-Boubeta,.; Beltrán,. Award: Doctor of Philosophy, thesis Date: 1997, copyright: Copyright of this thesis is held by the author. Doctoral thesis, Durham University. This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.