Love thy neighbour as thyself essay

love thy neighbour as thyself essay

are tender, and so may learn brotherhood. But what does it mean to love our neighbor as ourselves? Let him labour on, and not faint at the thought that God's day is a thousand years: his millennium is likewise one day-yea, this day, for we have him, The Love, in us, working even now the far end. I am certain that it is impossible to keep the law towards one's neighbour except one loves him. Matthew 22:37 40: On These Two Hang. It is harder for some to learn thus than for others. Illustration Let me see if I can put this in a picture, so that you can see it more plainly. And yet, when thoughts and questions arise in our minds, he desires that we should follow them. But he may have begun to love his neighbour, with the hope of ere long loving him as himself, and notwithstanding start back affrighted at yet another word of our Lord, seeming to be another law yet harder than the first, although in truth.

Naturally, in his failure, the question arises, "Is it my duty to love him who is unlovable?". For then our heart meets his: we see God. No man ever loved his own child aright who did not love him for his humanity, for his divinity, to the utter forgetting of his origin from himself.

In other words, fulfilling the lawloving our neighbor as we love ourselvesis not something we can do on our own. It is an absolutely staggering commandment. They offer breakfast every day of the week, and provide excellent customer service to their customers by seeing to their every request be met. We do it by the Holy dong zhao thesis mpi Spirit. The warm inviting steps tell of a friendship that has sustained Levertov throughout the years since those days gone. From the simple live of her past, she has grown and developed into someone who has allowed the past to set the tone for her future. Even these deeds will help to that love which is born of righteousness. The same words are twice"d by St Paul, and once by St James, always in a similar mode: Love they represent as the fulfilling of the law.

We have the authority of the Son of God here telling us something utterly stupendous about the origin and design of the entire plan and Word of God. There are whose first impulse is ever to repel and not to receive. 40 "On these two commandments depend the whole Law and the Prophets." Why?