Hamlet act 1 scene 1 essay

hamlet act 1 scene 1 essay

distresses the feelings of those witnessing his appearance. How many times does the Ghost of King Hamlet speak to the sentries? One of the elements which makes this play one of such prestige is the manner in which the story unfolds. Act I scene i is set at midnight when tis now struck twelve, the traditional time for sightings of the supernatural. Throughout time, Shakespeare has been renowned for writing excellent superlative opening scenes for his plays. Shakespeare uses the main characters name as the title of the play to focus the audiences attention on the tragic hero.

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One of the best known pieces of literature throughout the world, Hamlet is also granted a position of excellence as a work of art. He says that King Hamlet was greatly "esteem'd" (1.1.85) by people of Denmark, and that King Hamlet became a "conqueror" (1.1.89). It is quite apparent that they are very superstitious and wary of the supernatural. In the play, "Hamlet hostility and revenge become the main drive for characters that develop growing issues with other characters. The weather in act how to insert quote on essay I scene i plays a major role as the bitter cold of winter creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and exaggerates the unnerving setting as it is both dark and freezing. By studying Hamlet, it is plain to see that this is a timeless story of mystery, drama and sometimes humour. This increases the tragic intensity of the play by foreboding the death and chaos that is to follow as well as it evokes fear both in the characters and in the audience. This scene effectively sets a strong mood for the events to come, gives important background information, and introduces the main characters. Join eNotes to save your quiz results! When Bernardo and Marcellus believe that they have witnessed a ghost, they decide that they must tell Horatio. They fear that which they are unfamiliar with. Mood, background data and characters are all vital aspects of the play which are shown in the first scene alone.