At the same time essays & speeches

at the same time essays & speeches

the bestial behaviour of the Americans in Abu Ghraib. On Photography (1977 Illness as Metaphor (1978 and, regarding the Pain of Others (2003). Hannah Arendt, a refugee from Hitlers Germany and analyst of totalitarianism, clearly embodied the virtues of the European suffering, of European intellectual courage, of European vigor, of European overcomplexity as glamorously as those European writers Camus, Simone Weil, Walter Benjamin,.

at the same time essays & speeches

At the Same Time, a posthumous collection of her speeches and essays, shows how her feeling for a vanished Europe deepened even as she grew more distrustful of an America she saw in the grip of a dangerous, lobotomizing notion of endless war. At the Same Time: Essays and Speeches, susan Sontag, edited by Paolo Dilonardo and Anne Jump. The book opens and closes with two sections of literary criticism, but its heart is the series of essays written in response to the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Yet in this posthumous collection of criticism, we see her still struggling to reconcile herself to the fate of the public intellectual: that her work will diminish as the events it depicts recede. For such a fervent advocate of peace, Sontag is at her best on the attack. Read it now - it may not last 10 years. In later years she would come to refine and even abandon some of these views.

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