Essay about loneliness

essay about loneliness

emotionally deficient in psychological terms. Though all of us are taught to be independent, our independence is superficial. My greatest delight is when a beat or pulse emerges as the phrases join and reveal a rhythmic poem made from a series of what by now have become meaningless soundssounds that, because of their lack of meaning, come from a place in me beyond. Last January I grieved again, this time that she would not sit beside me as I died. My lips and throat resist the shift from English to Hebrew and the words flow haltingly and with effort. Late in the afternoon, I read aloud to Jane for an hour. Now and then, especially at night, solitude loses its soft power and loneliness takes over. . If only for a moment. One contributor to this breakdown, is the loneliness that Holden experiences. We are taught that we don't have an identity if we are alone. For sustenance, Simeon relied on young boys from town to climb up the pillar and pass him small parcels of bread, water and goats milk.

essay about loneliness

To understand this, first one must understand the difference between. What exactly is loneliness? A more narrow definition suggests that loneliness is the condition when a person is not surrounded by other people. Although we live in the XXI century and it seems like millions of people are aroun d, we can suddenly become stricken with a sharp pain of loneliness.

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From an overstuffed blue chair in my living room I look out the window at the unpainted old barn, golden and empty of discover nature essay its cows and of Riley the horse. I open my siddur and begin reading. The promise is that one can always be connected, or more accurately, constantly engaged in the simulacrum of companionship as mediated by iPhones, the internet or, sometime soon, an artificial being. She introduced herself in a hybrid English accent typical of international boarding-school students who think of home not as a singular place but as something seasonal London in the autumn, the Austrian Alps in winter. Not everyone safely returns from loneliness, but those who do those who retreat into themselves and successfully reemerge into society return with a far greater understanding of themselves and of others. I knew she lived in a dormitory near my house, so one night I asked her to housesit while I attended an hour-long meeting. . This search for self worth often leaves these young people feeling lonely and isolated because they are unsure of themselves.

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