White elephants essay

white elephants essay

In the beginning of the story Jig is looking at the white hills. It is not only unclear what choices will be made as a result of the interaction between this couple, but what is actually occurring in the text is non-distinctive. He says, It is not important, but very easy, like opening a window. Maybe she is considering the possibility of having a new relationship or a new experience in life.

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white elephants essay

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S because Jig wants to try new things. The description of his characters in this story is essay on lack of water also ironic. The other people where described as being sheep because they just went with the flow. It was originally published in the collection, Men Without Women. The symbols in that story include food, cloth, and Benna. For example, the girl does not speak Spanish and therefore relies on him in order to get her a drink, and after that she also asks him if a drink is good with water claiming that she couldnt decide this on her own. Her dependency on the American in these situations indicates how reliant she is on him. He is consciously skirting use of negatively charged language (Wood 1).

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