Essay computer can replace teachers

essay computer can replace teachers

technology were to replace it, none of this would be possible to convey. Now I am preparing to graduate again and begin my new job as a technical writer for an airline. Learning English for business reasons (C 2). Technology art for art sake essay will not improve our education system if we marginalize or eliminate teachers. Picquet at an easier, less stressful, and more prestigious job. Exclusive learning through computers will lead to children themselves becoming no more that machines, and the ability to think creatively and act like a human will slowly obsolete. Because as we all know actions speak louder than words! That the three guiding considerations in any classroom context are the teacher, the student and the learning environment.

Can, computers replace, teachers?No, essay, example for Free

essay computer can replace teachers

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Those direct interactive sessions with my teacher improved my grades. Attitudes of students have been very positive and supportive toward online instruction (Chang). That may be true, but it's not the panacea that it's been made out. There is actually an emotional bonding between a teacher and a student and there are some students who need special care and attention. Not that Id never thought about anything before, but she really taught me how to do it well how to make connections among different thesis statement for physical education ideas, how to question the texts and issues presented to me, how to understand rather than memorize. Nowadays, artificial intelligence has got a significant development. By framing the debate as technology. Whereas, no technology can understand a students problems and difficulties.

A computer can never do all these.
So the big question is can computers really replace teachers.
After giving it a strict thought, the answer.
When a teacher teaches a student, there is a mutual involvement on both sides whereas when a child learns from a computer there is an involvement from the side of the student only.
Computers can help teachers in teaching more effectively.

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