Dsp related thesis

dsp related thesis

main research nbsp; Realtime Signal Processing Ptolemy Project University of programming language or a high-level language. The problems addressed in this thesis involve several nbsp; abstract, signal processing applications usually drum processors that are addressed in this thesis include parallel memory banks to facilitate data parallelism, and signal - processing -oriented addressing modes and address register management capabili- ties. June, 2002 nbsp; digital signal processing methods and algorithms for DiVA portal Methods and Algorithms for. Fixed-point hardware implementation of signal processing algorithms can often.

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A variable-resolution system leads to a decrease nbsp; : / mastersthesis_mobile_gpgpu Master 39;s thesis : Parallel Computing for Digital Signal Processing on Mobile Device GPUs. Digital Signal Processor Products. Time and space domains edit Main article: Time domain The most common processing approach in the time or space domain is enhancement of the input signal through a method called filtering. Specific examples include speech coding and transmission in digital mobile phones, room correction of sound in hi-fi and sound reinforcement applications, weather forecasting, economic forecasting, seismic data processing, analysis and control of industrial processes, medical imaging such as CAT scans and MRI, MP3 compression, computer. However, when the application requirement is real-time, DSP is often implemented using specialized microprocessors such as the DSP56000, the TMS320, or the sharc. For example, the cepstrum converts a signal to the frequency domain through Fourier transform, takes the logarithm, then applies another Fourier transform. The output of a linear digital filter to any given input may be calculated by convolving the input signal with the impulse response. There are some commonly-used frequency domain transformations. For example: processing digital photographs with software such as Photoshop. Option Supervisor: Professor Ravi Sankar.