Girl jamaica kincaid essay

girl jamaica kincaid essay

girl should not regret giving. Which may leave many readers to believe that the mother is condoning or accepting that there is an inequality between the sexes. Upon closer examination, the reader sees that the text is a string of images in Westerner Caribbean family practices. Perhaps it is the inevitable result of Annie Johns approaching adolescence and of her simultaneous intellectual and sexual awakening. This is not the case with the daughter. One of the major points of dissension in the story is the daughter's two interjections into her mother's recitation. The rulers and tourists, like the inhabitants of the middle-class world of the United States, are the outsiders. This may be significant as the mother appears to wish to mould her daughter in her own likeness. The reader left suspecting that should the daughter live her life to her mothers instructions she will be living the life her mother wants her to live. That she can combine narrative, description, and social commentary into her slender novels is part of her achievement. Jamaica Kincaid has taken common advice that daughters are constantly hearing from their mothers and tied them into a series of commands that a mother uses to prevent her daughter from turning into "the slut that she is so bent on becoming" (380).

Family relationships are central to Kincaids work. In Girl, a story created from one two-page sentence, Kincaid nevertheless manages to evoke the tensions between a young woman and her essay on learning communities mother. Perhaps the mother is distracted by her relationship with her husband. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website! For instance, she is trying to mold her on becoming a proper young lady. In the mothers mind she is just reassuring what she has already taught her daughter, but in the daughters mind is nothing but confusion.

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