Marie antoinette research paper

marie antoinette research paper

1981) Elizabeth defined clothing as After all, life is mostly what you wear. The film makes a purpose to show the innocence. From the treatment she receives by the French palace, to her relationship with her husband, to her fashion and spending habits, and finally to the way the king and the queen deal with the problems that were arising in France. D: Creditability: I remember both my brothers studying the French Revolution and them talking about her, so for that reason I decided to learn more bout her. The public used her as a scapegoat to blame all of their problems.

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This does not seem like that big of a deal, but the French were not too happy with her enthusiasm for either one and later on down the road, this loyalty would only help her and the French monarchy's demise (Reid 2). At last, on June 13, 1769 the Empress received the French Kings official marriage proposal. These problems included: extreme national financial crises due to the seven years war fought by France; general and nationwide poor harvest which led to very high prices of bread and other foodstuffs which the general populace could not afford but the nobility could easily afford. Even before she started her adolescent life, her life and its course were being freud personality theory essay dictated by other people and other events beyond her control. As a queen, she had certain daily duties she needed to carry out, these included levees (which is a reception held in the morning as a person of royalty gets out of bed dressing, holding audiences, public meals, and several others. A shadow fell over Antonias sunny life in 1765, when her father died of a stroke at the age of fifty-six. They attended all the parties and feasts that. The French government was 4000 million livers in debt (Christopher Hibbert 1980.14). Thousands were killed with the guillotine including Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, his wife. France had being under monarchy for many years but due to changing trend in the world, like the American Revolution, France was already gearing towards a revolution but was looking for something as an excuse for the revolution. Campan 8) The queen's influence on domestic policy before 1789 has also been exaggerated. She didn't seem to care.

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