Essay about social stratification

essay about social stratification

human beings are also differentiated according to help writing college admissions essays socially approved criteria. 6 This point is reiterated by Gordon Marshall and Adam Swift in a paper called Merit and Mobility: A reply to Peter Saunders, Sociology, vol. 5 I know that many people will be reluctant to accept that, but the evidence from numerous studies of identical twins separated at birth, as well as non-biological siblings raised in the same household, is pretty overwhelming. Typically, members of this group possess IQs of 125 and above, have postgraduate degrees from good universities and belong to a handful of high-IQ professions, such as accountants, lawyers, architects, chemists, college teachers, dentists, doctors, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, natural scientists, social scientists and senior. Rather, variations would just be more closely linked to genetic differences. He invented the word meritocracy to describe this principle for allocating wealth and prestige and the new society it gave rise. So downward mobility takes place when a person moves down from one position to another and change his status. This process of competition helps to ensure that the more efficient people are able to rise to the top, where their ability can best be used. Human society is not homogeneous but heterogeneous.

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12 For a discussion of the controversy generated by The Bell Curve, see Christopher. 21 True, it would probably involve increasing taxes for higher-rate taxpayers, and thats unlikely to appeal to conservative-minded voters, but perhaps some of them might become more relaxed about redistributive taxation once they realise how closely a persons success is linked to the hand theyre. Even this tendency has its own function. I happen to think there are other, pragmatic justifications of inequalitynamely, the terrible human cost of trying to bring about end-state equalitybut thats not contingent on this particular hypothesis or the more general claim that many of the differences in peoples personalities are linked. It includes chances of survival and of good physical and mental health, opportunities for education, chances of obtaining justice, marital conflict, separation and divorce etc. Its also raised by Yuval Noah Harari in Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind (2014). (ii) Intra-generational mobility: When changes in status occur within one generation, it is called intra-generational mobility. 16 Why should this be happening, given that IQ, like many other heritable characteristics such as height, regresses to the mean?