Should high school students work part-time essay

should high school students work part-time essay

social life and such but I kept my schoolwork the first priority with my job running in a close second. Today, if you are looking in the help show more content, a student with a part-time job will learn not only great work ethic, but also how to balance the demanding workloads between school and work. Their parents approve it easily as they are said to gain experience from working. Others will set the money aside to pay back student loans. Busy teenagers do not usually get into trouble. The danger then is they wont be able to cope when they have to go to college or leave home for the first time. Students who are responsible, or learn responsibility, have nothing to loose but all to gain by having a job. Students need time to grow up and become well-rounded individuals, rather than being shoved as soon as possible into the world of work. They'll have some kind of work experience on their resumes to start, and the fact that they've been able to hold a job while a school attests to their level of maturity, responsibility and time management. Nowadays in the era of globalization, students are encouraged to have work part-time that will create them to become more experienced in their future, teach them to become more independent and mature in real life.

School is about much more than lessons. All the research done on high school students holding part-time jobs shows that it is usually a very productive experience.

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Students who work during their college careers may develop better time-management skills than their counterparts because they have to apply it to their daily lives. Before, teenagers at their age were working to help their family because of poverty. They learn to weigh their priorities, sometimes parental influences on youth involvement in sports essays skipping fun activities to finish their responsibilities. It was not the same as the students nowadays where they are more likely competing to each other to have a job. The schools may have the right to revoke the permit if attendance or academic problems occur. 1302 Words 6 Pages, part-time Jobs for Students: A Good Idea. According to King and Bannon (2002,. They will also have to learn confidence in telling the boss when they absolutely can not work because schoolwork must come first. Many students love to have part-time jobs. Most of the students are working part-time jobs and some have the intention to work. Even students who work in places not connected to their majors will look more impressive to potential employers.