Essay on the monk in canterbury tales analysis

essay on the monk in canterbury tales analysis

Canterbury Tales specifically for you. Both are also dressed better than how they should, the prioress dresses gracefully and does not carry rosary beads, she instead wears coral beads which are more expensive and showy. In this essay, Im going to deal with the criticism towards the Catholic Church analysing the ironic portrays of the Prioress, the Monk, the Friar and the Pardoner. The reader also knows that he accepts bribes and gives easy penance for extra donations so he can live better. Monks are supposed to be obedient and to embrace vow of poverty essay about my poor family not to reject rules and live the life they want. In this sense, he acts like the Prioress does, pretending not to be who he really is, a beggar. The purpose of the Church was supposed to be the caring of the people. We learned that both the monk and the nun are culpable of breaking their vows of reverence and privation. Finally, the Pardoner preaches on behalf of the Church against greed and avarice, however he is very greedy himself. She is also very kind and sensitive.

The antigone theme thesis statement clergy enjoyed great fortunes and a high quality of life compared with the peasantry who was starving and dying. For instance, she cries when a mouse falls in a trap and feeds her dogs meat so they do not starve. To conclude, Chaucer shows a very hypocrite and selfish members of the Church in The Canterbury Tales. In a similar way, the characters that are part of the Church are also very peculiar. A friar is a roaming priest that begs for living whose goal is to help beggars and lepers selflessly. One example is how the Church preaches a solemn vow of chastity.

This eternal salvation was achieved by obeying God's commandments.   Monks, in general, are hard working and are willing to help the less fortunate.