Argumentative essay on helicopter parents

argumentative essay on helicopter parents

literally flies in a helicopter above you. Don't be a helicopter parent when you have kids you will regret it later. I understand that parents care about their children. Have a hard time making decisions. Parents should try to chat with their children as a friend instead of forcing them to report every detail about their school life. Leave your kids alone once and a while. Just relax once and a while take a step back and watch your kids have fun in their life, problems in relationships essay let them be their own individual.

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This article said that some parents are far too conscious about their children and they try to monitor their every single action. They believe their children must be perfect and don't except bad grades or failure. Their kids have a higher GPA and understands certain topics more then others. Donald Pallock believes helicopter parenting is a bad thing. In conclusion, communication between parents and children are important. Children may have their own friends and social life. Allow your kids to have a life. Helicopter parents undermining their teens confidence. Let them think for themselves.

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