Nag panchami essay

nag panchami essay

adjudge the winner. The week kicked off with Budding Bards where students participated in Group Poem Recitation. From Little Steps to V, the school reverberated with a plethora of activities to mark the importance of good health. It was an experience of happiness in the giving that touched everyones heart. Archana Narain accorded a warm welcome to the esteemed gathering. In the perfect combination of beauty, style and brain Mrinal Kapoor and Anhaita Puri were chosen as Mr Indian Heights and Ms Indian Heights. The judges also applauded and praised the effort put up by the young talented singers as they sang in their sweet melodious voice and infused the feeling of Proud To Be An Indian May the sun in its course visit no land more free, more. The rendition of the song, We Shall Overcome by the student council conveyed a befitting message to work together at all levels of learning and strive for excellence. Students participated in an extravaganza of activities which were designed to contribute towards all-round development of the students.

He said that values and morals are a reflection of our spirituality, our character. The school principal,. The trip was a learning experience as on day one, the students explored methods matrix qualitative research masters thesis statement the amazingly quiet and peaceful destination enrolled in number of activities like musical chair and bonfire. The Annual Report was read out by the Principal along with the Head Boy, Head Girl Head Advisor of the school. People celebrate this victory by lighting diyas all around their houses.

The super food the hare eats to keep his energy levels soaring is carrot. It helps them to develop mental and physical toughness. Through speech, the student highlighted the role and importance of every individual in the making of nation and lauded the ceaseless efforts of the work force of the nation and the school in e highlight of the day was a short interview conducted by the.