School counseling dissertations

school counseling dissertations

a function of the counselors racial and sexual bias. Case conceptualizations by mental health and marriage and family counselors. 1977 Bleck, Robert., 1950- Developmental group counseling using structured play with elementary school disruptive children / by Robert. Retrieved from: 2007 Freytes-Cacho,. Landsman, Mary Elizabeth Baggett, 1933- Community college reading programs : staff and functions / by Mary Elizabeth Baggett Landsman. Verbal intimacy and attraction to group in structured and unstructured adolescent groups / by Ollis. 1978 Rozelle, George Robert, 1950- Experiential and cognitive small group approaches to alcohol education for college students / by George. Assessing staff nurses styles of involvement with the families of their patients. 1986 Ayers, Jackie., 1953- Hemodialysis: psychosocial adjustment attitudes and behaviors associated with compliance to the dietary regimen / by Jackie.

The effect of affective corrective feedback variation in Web-based instruction on community college student satisfaction and retention. This study examines the relationship between school counseling programs and studen t achievement. Inclusion in Dissertations by an authorized administrator of ScholarWorks. Urba n school reform has begun to penetrate the school counseling profession.

2011 Lowery, Robyn Lynette Crowell Student Counseling and Educational Development, uncg The development and validation of the leadership versatility index for students (LVI-S) 2011 Yarborough, James Preston Student Office of Leadership and Service-Learning (olsl), uncg EcoWellness: construction validation of the Reese EcoWellness inventory 2013 Reese. Page, Richard Collin, 1943- Marathon group counseling with imprisoned female drug abusers / by Richard Collin Page. Retrieved from: Yacco,. Student Counseling and Educational Development, uncg Development and validation of the Crowell-Lowery multicultural trainig reactance scale (CL-M. Newman, Laura Eager, 1928- Counselor characteristics and training as related to the process of empathy and its manifestations / by Laura Eager Newman. Differences between geographically mobile and nonmobile fifth-grade students on academic, social, and emotional demensions / by Beth Dovell. Cross-cultural analysis of language in the assessment of personality variables / by Albert. Retrieved from: 2005 Chata,.

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