Thesis background image not showing

thesis background image not showing

width: 450px; height: 169px; display: block; *float: left is causing the nav bar to act all funny. Change it to the color of your choice, and save! There's a lot of articles like this, but their solutions don't solve the issue for some reason. Ive done everything from headers, to custom backgrounds and site setups. I am generating one report where I need to use background image. But I found that image always starts leaving some margin space to left side. Neither way) and have it set to perspective mode. You should now have your new custom background graphic appearing on your page!

If you dont have the plugin just navigate to your custom folder and edit the the s file in the text editor of your choice. Here's the ortho view and persp view: i just downloaded Blender a few days ago; I have zero experience.

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When I write it inline with Firebug on Mozilla, then it works. Clear your float left after the logo. Today I thought Id take a look at how you can add a custom background to your thesis wordpress themed website. . The Image: It seems its unable to find g in also it looks how to use spanish in an english essay like you have uploaded the header image into the theme. IE: add clear:left; or clear:both; to Ive been doing a lot. You have 2 options: get rid of the float left. If you want to change the background color that shows below the graphic, under the stom section, change the hexadecimal color value currently showing as background: #000. . Documentclassarticle usepackagewallpaper usepackagemdframed usepackagetop2cm, bottom2cm, outer0cm, inner0cmgeometry begindocument Some content g enddocument, how can I use background image covering whole page? If you need any more information on the problem, just ask. tag body, html background-color: grey; font-family: 'Existence Light arial, sans-serif; font-size:.8em; height:100; p word-wrap:break-word; Generale sezioni.sections min-height: 100; Entry-section #entry-logo img margin: 10 0 0; #entry-section #go-down margin-top: 9; text-align: center; #entry-section i content f078 color:white; film-section #film height:100; #film.container height:100; padding:0; margin:0; width:100;.container. Edit: Also you don't need the no-repeat because it also in the #header or the transparent color because it's white anyway.

On the page that comes up, the first editable text box will be your s file. Step 1: Upload your new custom background graphic to the custom/images directory of your thesis theme installation. G if that's the case you can completely get rid of the background-image and split the remaining properties into individual properties since #header contains this code: background-image: url(g so your new css would be:.custom #header height:150px; background-color:transparent; background-position: center; background-repeat:no-repeat; That will take care. I even tried switching it to orthographic mode and cycling through the views to no avail. I have a problem with the background-image property. Dumbing down answers to noob-speak would be appreciated. To insert your new background graphic, just copy and paste the following into your s file, making sure to change the url to match your own background file name (also make sure it appears exactly as below, without extra or strange characters This line adds. Want to see some examples of thesis headers that Ive done?